Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soil Science

                     Let the truth be told, that you can eat salads and veggies all day long, and still not get all the essential nutrients. Yes, you can be nutrient deficient, while eating from a health food store all day. The fact is, if there are no goodies in the soil, your veggies won't have any goodies (minerals) in them.
In this day and age we think we can constantly take and take and not give anything back. If the plants in your garden are growing and taking up minerals from the soil into the plant and they get harvested and taken away from the garden.......where did the minerals go? hopefully into your potatoes on your plate. Then where do the minerals go? Into your body and out the other end and out of the garden system. So, Are you giving back to your garden? Are you composting? Are you spreading wood ashes from your woodstove on the garden? Are you even gardening? Chances are you probably answered "No" to alot of these. This is the reason why so many of us are nutrient deficient and having symptoms of deficiencies.
                     All of our food today is grown on over harvested and depleted soils, sprayed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Plants only need 3 nutrients; Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium to be healthy.....we humans need 90 essential nutrients everyday to be healthy!
                     So the truth is in the soil.......
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Thank you......and remember to give something back!