Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Please watch Dr. Wallach

                 Please go to youtube and watch any one of the many videos of Dr. Wallach. He truely is life changing. I had a pretty good understanding of the human body and vitamins after working in the health food industry. But, after listening to "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" & "Hells Kitchen", all the missing pieces fell into place. He explained so much that makes sense. I personally have gotten my health back on track and need to keep taking more youngevity products as my health is improving. I got my heart palpitations to go away and am sleeping better without leg cramps! Not to mention my skin is improving as well. The miracle of minerals!
                I am opening myself up to everyone who seriously wants to take their health back and whom doctors are failing to help. You can email me for a free consultation and I can help you figure out which health pack is right for you. Just click on my picture to the right if you want to shop on your own, or I will be happy to assist you. Health be with you.