Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Body is Wise

              The body is wise and can heal itself if it is given the 90 essential nutrients - EVERYDAY! You have to supplement with vitamins and minerals in order to get everything you need per day. You simply can not get enough nutrients from food alone. There is no way.
               The soils these vegetables are grown on (unless you grow them yourself) are depleted of minerals. So there for- it is not in your food. We are a nutrient deficeint society and consume way too many calories, a.k.a. empty calories. When your body is nutrified, you don't get the cravings because your body is satisfied. And you will be shocked at the weight coming off, without even trying.

               The body is wise, the body is perfect and can do AMAZING things if you give it the raw materials to heal and replenish itself. Our body knows what to do, and the healthy start pack is THE best thing you could do for yourself right now. You won't be disappointed.

               To be in good health is an amazing challenge in this day and age. Junk food is pushed in your face constantly, and we wonder why we are sick. Health is a balancing act, but it is possible with the 90 essential nutrients. Feel free to contact me, your neighborhood health coach. I can get you started. In your Service, Cindy.....

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